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Lin Explains ‘Xenoblade Chronicles X’ Censorship Issues; Interview Details Bringing Game To The West!

Lin Explains 'Xenoblade Chronicles X' Censorship Issues; Interview Details Bringing Game To The West!

“Xenoblade Chronicles X” is a popular game for the Nintendo Wii U Console right now due to its great gameplay and open world feature. Game sites have given praise to this video game due to how advanced it is for a Wii U game. Unfortunately, it has a controversial issue regarding about censorship. Kotaku  has recently reported that Cassandra Lee Morris, the voice actress of Lin, has released a video that discussed the process of creating the game. She also discussed and told her piece on the censorship issue.
“Honestly makes me cringe a little bit because Lin is only 13 years old,” said Morris in the video. “People are calling it censorship. I really see it as localization.” In addition, Lin’s outfits in the Japanese version of “Xenoblade Chronicles X” were more “skimpy” and Morris admitted that the Western version is different. She described the difference as not “censorship,” but “localization.” “There are a lot of cultural differences between Japan and the US and Europe,” she said. “I, personally, don’t mind that Lin’s outfits were change for the US version.” “My hope is that players will be able to concentrate on Lin’s abilities and what she can bring to your game and what she can do for the other members of her party and not just how she looks,” she continued. Tech Times  has reported that some people might think that what the game developers did was censorship. Morris explained that this is actually all about making the game more appropriate for “a wider audience.” In other news, Game Rant  has interviewed Nintendo Treehouse’s product marketing specialist Demetrius Boggs and talked about the game. He particularly talked about the localization process for “Xenoblade Chronicles X.” “It’s actually a game we’re really interested in championing, it’s something we feel is a really, really good title,” said Boggs. “So, we’re trying to do something about that to show that this game is great by doing quite a few things now, talking on sayTreehouse Live, and I’ve come across to quite a few areas now, like here in particular, just to talk about the game.”