Lil Wayne, Birdman’s Feud Ends In Amicable Resolution? Christina Milian’s Boyfriend Drops $51 Million Lawsuit?

Lil Wayne
Lil Wayne

Has Lil Wayne and Birdman’s feud ended? The report about Christina Milian’s boyfriend dropping his lawsuit against Cash Money was first reported by Jasmine Brand  which claimed that Lil Wayne was willing to pull out his civil case against Birdman if he’s paid the $8 million advance for “Tha Carter V, as well as “the $2 million he was to be paid for completing the album.”

The report was picked up by other outlets which claimed that Lil Wayne and Birdman’s feud has ended.

However, Jasmine Brand later offered an update which claimed that, “According to an attorney involved, the case has NOT been dropped, but transferred to courts in Louisiana.” This was confirmed by social media personality, Karen Civil, who tweeted  on April 7, “Lil Wayne lawsuit has NOT been dropped just moved to New Orleans.” Lil Wayne’s fued with Birdman is far from over as Christina Milian’s rumored boyfriend put the music producer on blast during a recent appearance in Club Aqua in Jacksonville, Florida as part of the Release Partiez tour.

Before exiting the stage, Christina Milian’s rumored boyfriend couldn’t help but throw shade at Birdman when he declared, per Rap-Up , “Free Weezy Album coming soon, Carter V coming soon, fuck Cash Money!” Christina Milian’s rumored boyfriend has been demanding from Cash Money to release “Tha Carter V.” Instead, Lil Wayne is working to release “The Free Weezy” album soon.

“I’m working on it every day, man.

I guarantee it’s going to be something dope.

If you don’t want a musician being creative, don’t get The Free Weezy Album,” he said .

Mannie Fresh, the mentor of Weezy, said that Lil Wayne and Birdman feud is about the rapper trying to grow up as an artist.

In an interview with Associated Press , Mannie Fresh said, “Wayne has given us some great albums, but he has never given us that album with like a Justin Timberlake on it – with features where like, OK, this is what we expect from an artist of your caliber.” “Like you went out and got Cher on the song, because you are that dude.

You’re on that level.”

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