Lena Dunham Reveals Her Loathing For ‘TMI’ On ‘The View’ And Discusses Why She Dedicated Her New Book ‘Not That Kind Of Girl’ To Nora Ephron

  Don’t ever say ‘TMI’ to Lena Dunham, the “Girls” creator and author of “Not That Kind of Girl” sat down with Rosie O’Donnell on Tuesday for an interview on “The View” and expressed her dislike of the commonly used phrase.

In the personal chat, the star also revealed why she dedicated her new collection of essays to late writer Nora Ephron.

In the interview with Dunham, O’Donnell pointed out that the actress and writer is often accused of “TMI” or over sharing when it comes to personal matters, whether on her show or in the media.

The proud feminist quickly responded, “I mean, have you ever heard someone say ‘TMI’ to a man?” “When a man shares a story they’re brave, they’re opening pathways for other people’s suffering.

When women share a story they’re hysterics who are forcing their problems onto you,” Dunham continued.

“And so, for me, ‘Too Much Information’ is one of the most offensive phrases in the English language.

And if someone says it to me, I’m immediately sure that we’re not going to be friends.” Further making her opinion on the term “TMI” known, Dunham said, “Also using an abbreviation like that in your everyday speech is frustrating as well so…”  As Dunham discussed her new book “Not That Kind of Girl,” which is comprised of a collection of personal essays, the star also opened up about her relationship with Ephron, to whom she dedicated the work.

  “It’s very hard for me to describe what it was like to be friends with Nora,” said Dunham.

“There were so many beautiful facets to the experience and I’m so grateful to have had her in my life for the brief time that I did.

Her generosity with other women, with younger artists, it was completely unparalleled and she had a way of bringing everyone comfortably into her orbit and, you know, providing them with fuel that would really take them through life…

I know that this dedication stands for a lot of women’s feelings about Nora.” Ephron, the iconic author and writer of films like “When Harry Met Sally” as well as plays such as “Love, Loss, and What I Wore,” passed away in 2012 after a battle with leukemia.

   Dunham also admitted that she regrets that Ephron never met her current boyfriend, musician Jack Antonoff.

“Nora and I would have these lunches where I would tell her about whatever disastrous dating situation I was currently engaged in and she would sort of nod her head amused.

And I was telling her about his one guy and ‘I don’t know if he’s the one,’ which is sort of this ridiculous concept to begin with and she sort of said to me ‘Once you are fully who you’re going to be, you need to find someone who accepts and understands that rather than trying to wedge yourself into the kind of girlfriend that you think that this person wants.

And so it’s all about meeting someone on your own terms as your most fully formed self and them accepting you,” shared Dunham.

“And shortly before Nora passed away I met Jack,” she added.

“I’ve often wished that they could meet each other and I could say like ‘Look! Functional human being.

I did it.'” “Not That Kind of Girl” hits shelves on Sep.


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