Legendary Photographer Mary Ellen Mark Dies At Age 75

Legendary Photographer Mary Ellen Mark Dies At Age 75
Legendary Photographer Mary Ellen Mark Dies At Age 75

Renowned photographer Mary Ellen Mark dies at age 75.

According to Inquisitr , the legendary photojournalist passed away on Monday, May 25, in New York.

Known for her humanist photography, Mark captured people in their current state.

From celebrities to impoverished families, she liked to photograph “things that are real,” according to an interview with The New York Times.

“I don’t like gimmicky pictures,” she said.

“I have always hated them.” “I like pictures that are very clear and clean, whether you’re a great street photographer – somebody like Friedlander or Winogrand or Cartier-Bresson – or whether you’re a portraitist, like Irving Penn,” she continued.

“I think that’s what’s happened in photography now, which is too bad,” Mark shared.

“Everything becomes overdone and overcomplicated and over-retouched.” “It’s all by light,” she explained.

“You don’t need to retouch if you know how to light.” Mark said she started out as a photographer for Penn magazine, getting her big break after being flown to London to shoot their drug clinics.

“From the very first moment I took pictures [on the streets of Philadelphia], I loved it,” Mark revealed in an interview with Inquirer’s Michael Matza (via Philly ).

“The thrill was the idea of just being on a street, turning a corner and looking for something to see.” “Very few photographers have the impact she has had in both portraiture and photojournalism,” David Friend, editor of creative development at Vanity Fair said in a statement published by Phaidon .  “It’s very hard to be both a great portraitist, which she is, and a great photojournalist, which she is.” Mary Ellen’s last book, “Prom,” features potraits of teenagers at one of the most important events in their lives.

The photographer documented 13 proms across the United States, including New York, Massachusetts, Virginia, Texas, and Los Angeles.

Mark, whose works have been in countless exhibits all around the world, got her Lifetime Achievement Award last year.

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