‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ unbeatable in ratings; Lee Min-Ho, Jun Ji-Hyun at their top performance

‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ unbeatable in ratings; Lee Min-Ho

‘Legend of the Blue Sea’ unbeatable in ratings; Lee Min-Ho, Jun Ji-Hyun at their top performance

“Legend of the Blue Sea” has become an unstoppable force in the Wednesday and Thursday night drama. The two leading characters deliver a top performance in the drama and great chemistry. SBS has taken the throne of the Wednesday and Thursday night drama with “Legend of the Blue Sea” which continue its high ratings in its fourth weeks of airing with 19.4% in AGB Nielsen Korea and 17.7% in TnMS. Its two lead actors and actress, Lee Min-Ho and Jun Ji-Hyun, showed their top acting performance. According to  Yonhap News Agency , they light up the screen every time they appear in the scene.
The drama has also introduced a surprising cameo appearance from Jo Jung-Suk, who played in previous SBS drama “Jealousy Incarnate.” Jo played as a merman Jeong-hoon, who left the sea to seek for his true love. However, his lover left him and married another man. He advised Shim Chung of how to get the attention of Joon-Jae. Jo appeared in Episode 7 and 8 of the “Legend of the Blue Sea” before he died because his heart was unable to deal with the heartbreak. Meanwhile, Lee has garnered praise for his acting in the drama as reported by  Seoul Daily News . The former flower boy who rose to fame in the “Boys Over Flowers” in 2009 has truly become an actor. Previously, many people have doubts with his acting ability after “Boys Over Flowers” became a hit. He continuously received a similar role over and over, which hasn’t proven his acting skill. Lee made a breakthrough role in the movie “Gangnam Blues” in 2015 to play a different role as a gangster. At first, the writer, director and producer Yoo-Ha hesitated to cast him in the movie. However, after a long consideration, Yoo-Ha gave the role to Lee to play the leading character, a homeless man who become a gangster and rule the crime world. Watch the preview of “Legend of the Blue Sea” Episode 8 from the  SBS  official YouTube channel below:

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