Legend Of Korra Season 2 To Be Moved To Nick Toons [UPDATED]: Is Poor Ratings To Blame?

“The Legend of Korra” season 2 is off to a rocky start thanks to mediocre ratings on Nickelodeon, and now it seems the series will be moving to Nick Toons starting on episode 6.

According to The Outhousers, “The Legend of Korra” season 2 will be moving from Nickelodeon to Nick Toons starting October 9.

Currently, four episodes of season 2 have aired, with episode 5 “Peacekeepers” set to air October 4, presumably still on Nickelodeon.

But “The Legend of Korra” episode 6 titled “The Sting” will not only air on Nick Toons, but will also change the air date from Fridays back to Saturday (the original airing days of season 1).

What is even stranger is that according to several TV guides, episode 7 “Beginnings, Part 1” will air Sunday October 10, the day after “The Sting.” Typically, the trend of “burning off” episodes is not a good sign because it generally signals cancellation.

Fortunately, because “The Legend of Korra” has already been greenlit for season 3 and season 4, this is likely not the case.

More than likely, this is Nickelodeon’s way of figuring out a new airing schedule for “The Legend of Korra” in order to combat low ratings.

While “The Legend of Korra” season 2 premiere posted a 2.6 million views, the following saw an bigger drop in ratings, with only 2.19 million viewers tuning in for “Civil Wars Part 1.” In terms of ratings and viewership, this is an all-time low for “The Legend of Korra.” These numbers may seem tolerable to some, but as a comparison, “The Legend of Korra” season 1 premiere garnered 4.55 million viewers.

As  Avatar the Legend of Korra  notes, there are several explanations that could have caused such a massive dip in ratings.

“To say that Book 2’s ratings declined because Nickelodeon’s ratings declined doesn’t paint the full picture,” writes Keval.

“I think it’s because Nickelodeon decided to air episodes on Friday nights – a.k.a the most inconvenient time to watch television as a teenager.” Hopefully, a move to a new day of the week is what this massive shift foreshadows, and ratings for the series can bounce to its prime.

[UPDATE] According to various sources, Nickelodeon has confirmed that the series will continue to air on Fridays at 7 pm, despite TV guides listing it otherwise.


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