Leeteuk, Planning To Release His Own Song “This is a Song That I Have the Most Personal Affection For”


Group Super Junior member Leeteuk revealed that he will be releasing a song written by him, attracting much attention.

On July 30, Leeteuk posted on his Twitter, “The mix MR for my song finally came out…

It’s a song that I have the most personal affection for.

I feel like I was really able to deliver my heart through writing the lyrics, even more than Andante…

Wait just a little bit more.

It’s coming soon ^^” Internet users who saw this commented, “I can’t wait!” “Lee Teuk is so talented,” “When is it coming out”, and “I hope it comes out soon~.” Leeteuk had already proven his songwriting skills through the song “Andante” that was included in Super Junior’s 5th album.

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