Lee Seung Gi To Make A Comeback After 2 Years And 6 Month Hiatus

Lee Seung Gi To Make A Comeback After 2 Years And 6 Month Hiatus
Lee Seung Gi To Make A Comeback After 2 Years And 6 Month Hiatus

Lee Seung Gi will make a comeback with a new album on June 4.

It has been 2 years and 6 months since his last album, ” Forest”  was released in November 2012.

It was Lee Seung Gi’s 10th debut anniversary last year, but he was unable to release an album due to his busy filming schedules.

This upcoming album is his 10th anniversary album.

As Lee Seung Gi’s albums have always become a big hit, anticipation for his new album is rising as well.

He actually planned to release the album in April but delayed it to June.

The reason for the delay was his love and concern for his agency CEO.

In April, his agency Hook Entertainment’s CEO Kwon Jin Young (hereinafter Kwon) fell ill and became hospitalized.

Lee Seung Gi delayed the release of his album as a sign of his wish for Kwon’s fast recovery and also to pour more heart and soul into the album.

“Lee Seung Gi expressed his wish to delay the album release himself.

He stated that he wanted to be there for Kwon and also spend more time perfecting the album for his fans,” commented Hook Entertainment.

Kwon played a decisive role in scouting Lee Seung Gi and helping him become a top star.

When Kwon was hospitalized, Lee Seung Gi came to visit him often and showed his loving and caring side.

Kwon is still at the hospital, but he is recovering now.

Lee Seung Gi also recently covered medical expenses for children at Severance Children’s Hospital in Shinchon.

This became public with the news that he will hold a small performance at the hospital on May 21st.

While he was visiting Kwon, he met many sick children and decided to help them.

  “Lee Seung Gi met some children at the hospital and saw how difficult their situation was.

When he heard those stories, he decided to help them.

Lee Seung Gi is known for making donations often, so this also happened naturally,” commented Hook Entertainment.

“He’s a very loyal person.

He held a performance for Kwon as well as other patients and families,” the agency added.


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