Lee Se-young, a Former Child Actress, Wooed for Lead Female Role in ‘The Best Hit’ Drama

Lee Se-young

Lee Se-young, a Former Child Actress, Wooed for Lead Female Role in ‘The Best Hit’ Drama

Lee Se-young is reportedly getting   numerous offers due to her rising popularity. Foremost among them is the mixed-format youth drama, ” The Best Hit.” She is accordingly being  one of those actresses who had been in the industry for so long. This makes her popular but her projects could not allegedly be remembered.
According to Dramabeans , Lee Se-young has   been acting for nearly twenty years. Seemingly, she did not have a legitimate breakout role until her most recent family drama ” Laurel Tree Tailors .” Lee Se-young allegedly did   manage to catch the 2016 KBS Newcomer Award for her role as a cute spoiled heiress. Lee Se Young reportedly began her career as a child actress. She best known for the films “When I Turned Nine”, “Lovely Rivals” and “The Wonder Years.” She accordingly also made a name in the drama “Dae Jang Geum.” When she was in her early twenties, she apparently was also a cast of the television series “Adolescence Medley” and “Trot Lovers.” Lee Se Young did a role as well in the films “Horror Stories 2” and “Hot Young Bloods.   The drama’ s   team, according to Mydramlist , is wooing her because they are now on a casting spree. They want to broadcast the drama by May. Lee Se-young is allegedly the favored choice for the female lead character.   If ever she gets the role, she will act as   a cheerful, perky reviewer for a civil service exam. Yoon Shi-yoon of  ” Mirror of the Witch ” and Kim Min-jae  from the ” The Lonely Shining Goblin ” have accordingly already signed in to be part of the main cast. The story is purportedly about a complicated musician father-son relationship. It allegedly seems quite similar to ” The Liar and His Lover . ”   The plot allegedly is a star who disappeared twenty years ago then suddenly reappears and faced his adult son. Then the rest of the drama is about the events that happen in their present lives.

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