Lee Min Ho, Suzy Bae Dating: Suzy Is Happy Without Lee Min Ho, ‘Gu Family Book’ Actress Gets Married At 31?

Lee Min Ho

Lee Min Ho, Suzy Bae Dating: Suzy Is Happy Without Lee Min Ho, ‘Gu Family Book’ Actress Gets Married At 31?

Everyone must have thought Suzy would be devastated once Lee Min Ho is off to the military. ‘Dream High’ actress is actually doing well, and even happier as depicted in an episode of “Off The Record”. Suzy, along with her 3 friends, met up on a girl’s night out to just catch up and drink a couple bottles of soju. Korea Boo reported, Suzy claimed that she can drink 2 bottles of soju without her face turning red. Once Suzy admitted she was getting drunk, her friends decided to play a game of truth or dare. They were asked, to tell the truth, or take a drink if she didn’t want to answer that.
The first question Suzy’s friends asked was when her last kiss was. Suzy seems reluctant to answer that question so she drinks a shot of soju. Her friends continued to dig any information about the kiss saying if she didn’t want to answer the question about her last kiss, she’d better tell them about her first kiss. Suzy then revealed she had her first kiss while filming kissing scene in “Dream High”. However, her friends don’t seem to believe her answer so they forced her to drink another shot of soju. The game continued as her friends asked when her happiest times were, in which Suzy said that right now is the happiest she can be. A fan on an online community said it’s obvious that right now is her happiest time since she wouldn’t be forced to tell her whereabouts to a certain someone for 2 years, implying her relationship with Lee Min Ho who now serves in the military. On another episode of “Off The Record”, Suzy also dropped a hint on when she would get married. According to Korea Portal , Suzy got her fortune told years ago and it said that 31 is the best age to get married, denying the wedding rumors that surfaced online. Suzy is gearing up for her upcoming drama with Lee Jong Suk “While You Were Sleeping”. The drama reportedly will premiere within the second half of 2017.     

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