Lee Min Ho: ‘I Want To Work On More Projects Before I Enlist’, Wedding With Girlfriend Suzy Bae In The Horizon? [RUMORS]

Lee Min Ho: 'I Want To Work On More Projects Before I Enlist'

Lee Min Ho: 'I Want To Work On More Projects Before I Enlist', Wedding With Girlfriend Suzy Bae In The Horizon? [RUMORS]

  With his still unclear date of enlistment, Lee Min Ho talks about what he wants to do before doing so. The handsome actor attended the press conference for MBC’s documentary “DMZ, The Wild”. According to All Kpop , Lee Min Ho’s press conference was held on Wednesday, March 29. During the said event, the actor spoke about his pending military enlistment. In his statement, Lee Min Ho said that he would feel gloomy if the time comes for him to enlist, just like everyone enlisting in the military would feel so. Lee Min Ho added that he would like to work on more projects as he can as he wait for the final date for his enlistment.
Lee Min Ho is the narrator of MBC’s documentary “DMZ, The Wild”. In the press conference, the actor stated how he felt guilty of the soldiers stationed at the Korean Demilitarized Zone. “All the soldiers stationed at the DMZ were very young. I felt a sense of guilt,” said Lee Min Ho during the event. The actor reportedly camped at the Korean DMZ for 3 days and 2 nights. MBC’s “DMZ, The Wild” is a documentary that reveals the scenic view around the Demilitarized Zone. Lee Min Ho stated why he took part in the documentary for 2 reasons: He has an interest in documentary films; and the actor liked the experience of being at the DMZ himself. The film’s director, Kim Jung Min, also stated that Lee Min Ho took part in the project for free. He director added that Lee Min Ho’s passion for documentaries is not just for show. “DMZ, The Wild” is scheduled for airing on Monday, April 3. In other news, rumors continue to spread about Lee Min Ho and girlfriend Suzy Bae’s wedding. There are also rumors that Suzy Bae is pregnant, reports Korea Portal .   However, Lee Min Ho has neither confirmed nor denied the rumors. Suzy Bae’s side has also not released a statement regarding the rumors yet.    

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