Lee Min Ho And Bae Suzy’s Split Rumors Arise Due To ‘The Heirs’ Actor’s Enlistment In May

Lee Min Ho And Bae Suzy's Split Rumors Arise Due To 'The Heirs' Actor's Enlistment In May

Lee Min Ho And Bae Suzy's Split Rumors Arise Due To 'The Heirs' Actor's Enlistment In May

Lee Min Ho’s and Bae Suzy’s relationship is always a hot topic. The two big stars in K-Pop industry have a lot of attention for their romantic love. Rumor came up that “While You Were Sleeping” actress got anxiety of her relationship with “The Heirs” actor. Lee Min Ho is about to leave for army duty soon. The schedule of his enlistment has been set and he will serve as public service worker in Gangnam District Office in Seoul on May 12, Soompi  reported. Due to his car accident in the past, Lee Min Ho couldn’t do his army duty in the past. Thus, he will leave for army duty this year.
Regarding about Lee Min Ho’s enlistment, Bae Suzy is rumored to have anxiety about their relationship. There are also many rumors about the split of their relationship, KoreaPortal  reported. The rumors arise as some couples might have gone through breakup when the man leaved for army. But there are also many couples who can survive well. Although having many rumors around, both Lee Min Ho and Suzy’s fans want them to have a long relationship. Recently, Lee Min Ho shared his feeling about leaving for army. He said that he was sad having army duty at his age, yet he couldn’t do it at his young age due to many reasons. Still, he said that he was happy having late enlistment, which made him able to work at his young age, Soompi  reported. Despite the strong rumors about their split, their relationship was reported getting stronger, Poor Primadona  reported. The two seems getting closer than ever. Moreover, recently, the two just celebrated their second anniversary together. Even though JYP didn’t want to give their statement, but people have already speculated their romance date through the picture posted by Lee Min Ho. The relationship of Lee Min Ho and Bae Suzy will be anticipated by many people as they want to see the follow-up of their romance. Due to Lee Min Ho’s enlistment, people will have to wait more to hearing for his statement. Read Next: Han Chae Young Looked Like A Cheerleader Wearing TWICE’s Tzuyu’s Outfit On ‘Sister’s Slam Dunk’ Recent Episode

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