Lee Kwang-Soo will resume his acting career after ‘Running Man’ ends, agency says

Lee Kwang-Soo will resume his acting career after ‘Running Man’ ends

Lee Kwang-Soo will resume his acting career after ‘Running Man’ ends, agency says

Lee Kwang-Soo, also known by nickname Giraffe in the SBS variety show “Running Man” is reported to =reboot his acting career after the end of the show February next year. His agency has confirmed of his schedule for the next year in many acting projects. Lee’s agency KingKong Entertainment has announced his busy schedule for the 2017 as reported by Joong Ang Daily . The CEO of KingKong Entertainment Lee Jin-Sung has mentioned that Lee currently engages in three dramas which are in the pre-production stage. But the airing of the dramas have not been revealed by the respective TV stations.
“All three dramas were pre-filmed, so we didn’t know when they would air,” CEO Lee said. “ Somehow they all ended up airing around the same time, which kind of baffled us, too.” The 31-year old celebrity is the current member of the “Running Man” which has huge international fan base, but a very low viewers in Korea. After a mishap with its two cast members Song Ji-Hyo and Kim Jong-Kook earlier this month, the show will be ended after February 2017. The controversy has made the relationship between the cast members of “Running Man” to be somewhat uneasy. Two nights ago on Dec. 24, Lee has won the Best Couple Award in the 15th KBS Entertainment Award for his role in the KBS sitcom “The Sound of Your Heart” with Jung So-Min as reported by Insight . When he approached the microphone to give his speech, camera panned to the backstage to Song as she was captured in camera to be in tears. Lee started his career as model and actor before gaining his popularity in the variety show. His popularity in “Running Man” since 2010 has made people only recognized him as a TV personality instead of actor. Therefore, his agency will boost his acting project to make him be known as actor again. Watch Lee’s profile on the Celeb-O-Meter segment of “Show Biz Korea” from Arirang TV  in
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