Lee Kwang Soo will cameo on upcoming series ‘Hwarang’

Lee Kwang Soo will cameo on upcoming series 'Hwarang'

Lee Kwang Soo will cameo on upcoming series 'Hwarang'

  What could be  Lee Kwang Soo ‘s role in ” Hwarang “? There’s been much anticipation piling up for the star-studded traditional drama “Hwarang,” and KBS 2 just revealed that the “Running Man” host Lee Kwang Soo would be having a cameo role for its pilot episode. As reported by  Soompi , Lee Kwang Soo’s cameo will be short yet sweet as his role will leave a big impact on the lives of the main characters of the series. Kwang Soo will be playing the role of Mak Mun, Go Ara’s older brother. Mak Mun is said to grow up all alone, and this will lead him to meet and becoming friends with the lead of “Hwarang” played by Park Seo Joon. Insiders further stated that Mak Mun is the one who shall give Park Seo Joon’s character a name which will be Sun Woo.
Known among his colleagues as a very hardworking man in anything he does, Kwang Soo proved this to be true on the set of “Hwarang.” According to  All Kpop , the producers of the show revealed that Kwang Soo has been very dedicated throughout the filming. They shared that Kwang Soo was even present during the script readings and is on time during filming. Fans of Kwang Soo are expecting to see some serious and of course, funny scenes from the resident “giraffe” of “Running Man.” The producers of “Hwarang” actually shared that Mak Mun will be a highlighted character on the pilot episode. Will it be a serious or funny highlight, well, that shall be something to look forward to? Excited to see Kwang Soo on another historical drama? Catch him alongside Go Ara, Park Seo Joon, Hyungshik, V, Minho, and Do Ji Han on the premiere episode of “Hwarang” next week December 19 on KBS 2.

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