Lee Jong Suk Looks Dapper In Latest Oakley Pictorial

Lee Jong Suk Looks Dapper In Latest Oakley Pictorial
Lee Jong Suk Looks Dapper In Latest Oakley Pictorial


  Resident eyewear model Lee Jong Suk has made us swoon again with his good looks in the new pictorial for Oakley.

Just a little over two weeks ago, it was announced that Lee Jong Suk had became the very first Korean model for California based athletic and casual clothing brand, Oakley.

Now a new set of promotional photos has been released featuring the model-turned-actor in his natural environment.

Though Lee Jong Suk is for the most part considered to strictly acting as of now, it would appear he retained all of his modeling secret techniques.

As mentioned previously, Oakley is a California based company that focuses on sports apparel and athletic gear.

Lee Jong Suk was the first Korea model to appear in such advertisements and will hopefully open the door to more Korean models in the future.

Much to the fans appreciation, in many of the new photos, Lee Jong Suk is seen creating a heavy emphasis on his full lips.

Though Oakley is known for their athletic clothing, this time around, Lee Jong Suk has suited up in more casual yet attire for the latest pictorial.

The pictorial features a number of different looks and it is fair to say that Lee Jong Suk nails them all.  Compared to the previous Oakley spread of Lee Jong Suk, this pictorial offers a longer showcase of all of the models features as well as more of Oakley’s diverse products.

What do you think of Lee Jong Suk’s new Oakley photo spread?     Meanwhile, Lee Jong Suk is currently starring the increasingly popular Wednesday-Thursday SBS drama, Pinocchio .  Well known Heirs leading female, Park Shin Hye, co-stars.

Lee Jong Suk plays the role of Choi Dal Po, a boy who aspires to be a reporter in order to understand and reveal the corrupt nature of the media industry.   

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