Lee Hyun Woo, Joy Released First Romantic Trailer Of tvN’s ‘The Liar and His Lover’!

Lee Hyun Woo

Lee Hyun Woo,  Joy Released First Romantic Trailer Of  tvN's 'The Liar and His Lover'!

Actor Lee Hyun Woo and Red Velvet’s actress Joy are reportedly confirmed as carrying the leads roles in the upcoming tvN drama, entitled “The Liar and His Lover.” The drama series, that is produced by Kim Jin Min PD of “Marriage Contract” and “Time Between Dog and Wolf”, is accordingly a remake of a Japanese sequence of the same title. The tvN has reportedly already released the first individual trailers.   The post of Soompi  narrated that ever since Lee Hyun Woo and Joy have been established as lead players, great expectation has been intensely growing for this upcoming drama. Accordingly, fans are very much interested at the possible chemistry between these two players, and the drama that will be evolve in the hands of outstanding staff members prominent for their work.
According to Allkpop , Lee Hyun Woo will be playing the main male character as Kang Han Gyul, a genius composer who apparently is hiding his true identity. Joy will be playing the role as Yoon So Rim, a high schooler who falls in love at first sight with Kang Han Gyul. Allegedly, in Lee Hyun Woo’s separate trailer, he narrates, “I lie again today. Because I am afraid that my true feelings will be found out, because I want to stay by her side, I lie.” And consequently, In Joy’s trailer, she says, “I started liking someone. He’s my first love. But that person keeps on lying to me.” Obviously these sweet yet mysterious words will surely make fans look forward to the drama’s plot line. It was also reportedly revealed by the production staff that the scenes in the first trailer is So Rim and Han Kyeol’s first meeting that marks the beginning of their refreshing romance. Accordingly, Lee Hyun Woo and Joy are so comfortable being together, apparently also making the staff’s hearts beat on the set. The first episode of “The Liar and His Lover” will be aired sometime in March.

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