Lee Hi Of Hi Suhyun Discusses Being Friends With Akdong Musician, WINNER And iKON

Lee Hi Of Hi Suhyun Discusses Being Friends With Akdong Musician
Lee Hi Of Hi Suhyun Discusses Being Friends With Akdong Musician

With YG Entertainment’s latest single “I’m Different,” fans are getting a collaboration between Lee Hi, Akdong Musician and iKON, and that is by no means an accident.

During a recent interview with the media, 18-year-old Lee Hi discussed her friendship with the rookie K-pop acts within YG Entertainment, including Akdong Muscian, WINNER and the recently formed iKON.

“After my arrival, I don’t think there were any senior or junior relationships,” said Lee Hi according to allkpop .

“When Akdong Musician came in, we hung out like friends.” “WINNER and iKON have more experience in survival competitions than I do so they have already grown so much.

There is nothing more that I can tell them.

We just talk about our hardships.

They are more like my friends than juniors.”  “I’m Different” is a single by Lee Hi and Akdong Musician’s Lee Suhyun featuring rapper Bobby from iKON.

Recently, the track achieved an “all-kill” by ranking first place on nine different music charts.

“It is exceeding all of our expectations,” said YG Entertainment.

“If the response of Hi Suhyun continues to be positive, we are thinking of promoting them on a continual basis.” Currently, Hi Suhyun is competing with Super Junior’s Kyuhyun from SM Entertainment on music charts, with many coining this as a competition between YG and SM.

“Honestly, I am thankful that people are even calling it a competition,” continued Lee Hi.

“I still get amazed when I see Big Bang and 2NE1 in the company building.

Just a couple of years ago, I was watching ‘Inkigayo,’ thinking, ‘What did they do to become singers?'” “I still can’t believe (that I’m a singer). I am proud that I am able to compete with such great people.” On Tuesday, photos surfaced showing Lee Hi, Suhyun and Bobby filming the music video for “I’m Different.” The release date is currently unknown.


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