Lee Hi, “I’m Not Sad About Not Being Able To Take The SAT”

Lee Hi
Lee Hi

YG’s new unit Hi Suhyun ‘s member Lee Hi was interviewed.

On November 14, Lee Hi was interviewed at a cafe in Seoul.

She is of the age to take SATs and graduate high school, but she wasn’t able to live a normal student life due to her singing career as a celebrity.

She said, “I couldn’t take the test but I’m not sad about it.

I’m doing what I like to do.” She continued, “I may be a bit sad about not having the normal senior life as a high school student but I will try my best in what I’m doing now.

I don’t have much thought about taking the SATs anytime soon.” But she said, “I do have fantasy about college.

But my dream was to be a singer and I’m working as one now so I want to fill in what I lack in this career first before thinking about college.” Hi Suhyun released their first song “I’m Different” on November 11.

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