Lee Hi, Akdong Musician Likely To Return With New Releases This Fall

Lee Hi
Lee Hi


                    Both Lee Hi and Akdong Musician will likely be making their comebacks during the fall.

According their record label’s CEO, the young YG Entertainment acts are looking to release new music towards the end of the year.

During an interview on Sunday, April 26, CEO of YG Entertainment, Yang Hyun Suk, spoke with llgan Sports about the two acts and when they are expected to return.

He first spoke about Lee Hi and how she has matured since K-Pop Star win and first album, revealing that the soulful singer plans to bring a different sound to fans through her upcoming music.

“As you saw on ‘K-Pop Star’ not too long ago, she’s alive,” Yang laughed.

“I really adore her.

She’s become mature now that she’s 20 years old, so when making music, I want to try something a bit different.”  The discussion went further as Yang Hyun Suk talked about a recent meal he shared with Lee Hi to discuss her plans to return to the stage.

“At the time, I promised her, ‘These days, it’s been hectic for me because of Big Bang, but from now on, I will do my best with your music.’ She was happy.

There’s already a lot of music prepared.

When looking at Lee Hi’s music, I think fall is the perfect time for her,” said Yang Hyun Suk.

“Same with Akdong Musician,” he added, suggesting the sibling duo is also preparing for a late 2015 comeback.

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