Lee Hae In, Former ‘Produce 101’ Contestant, Leaves HYWY Entertainment Due To Mental State

Lee Hae In

Lee Hae In, Former 'Produce 101' Contestant, Leaves HYWY Entertainment Due To Mental State

“Produce 101” former contestant Lee Hae In has left her agency. Lee Hae In took to her Instagram to explain the reason why. According to Soompi , Lee Hae In stated in her lengthy Instagram photo caption that she has left HYWY Entertainment because she had developed a panic disorder. According to Lee Hae In, her panic disorder was due of the trauma she went through from SS Entertainment, her former agency.
Lee Hae In said that because of her mental and physical state, she had a difficult time keeping up with her girl group “I.B.I” as they are currently preparing for their debut. She also added that her doctors recommend that she rest. Lee Hae In said that she left the agency because she did not want to be an “anchor” for I.B.I and drag them down as they make their debut. Lee Hae In also stated that it was difficult for her to give an official statement on leaving the agency. There are currently a lot of mix-ups regarding her leaving HYWY Entertainment that is why she has opted to post her statement in her Instagram account. Finally she finished her post stating that she will be receiving treatment for 6 consecutive months. Lee Hae In stated that she is currently improving and is hoping that she could produce good news in the upcoming months for the fans. In other news, another Produce 101 contestant is to leave the show. According to All Kpop , contestant Nam Yoon Sung is to leave the show because of health reasons. “Nam Yoon Sung will be leaving ‘Produce 101 Season 2’ due to health concerns that arose at his last checkup. Due to these health concerns, Nam Yoon Sung was unable to film their performance for ‘M! Countdown’,” said Yoon Sung’s agency, I.ONE Entertainment. Produce 101trainee Kim Si Hyun also left the show because of health concerns. On the other hand, trainee Han Jong Yeon has also left the show because of controversies about his past.    

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