Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In Na’s First Kissing Scene Was Not Romantic At All? ‘Goblin’ Actor Reveals The Reason Why During His Recent Fan Meet

Lee Dong Wook

Lee Dong Wook, Yoo In Na's First Kissing Scene Was Not Romantic At All? 'Goblin' Actor Reveals The Reason Why During His Recent Fan Meet

In a recent fan meeting event by Lee Dong Wook, the actor expressed how it felt kissing “Goblin” co-star Yoo In Na. Apparently, the actor stated it was not romantic at all! As reported by Koreaboo , Lee Dong Wook was in Hong Kong on Wednesday, May 3, for his “For My Dear” fan meeting event. During the event, the “Goblin” actor watched notable scenes from the drama alongside his fans.
One notable scene that was showed during the event was Lee Dong Wook’s kissing scene with “Goblin” co-star Yoo In Na. The scene was the first time Lee Dong Wook and Yo In Na’s character kissed. Lee Dong Wook then revealed that the scene was filmed in the first week of January. The scene was also shot during the first hours of the morning. Lee Dong Wook also added how it was cold and raining that day and that they have been filming for 24 hours already! Lee Dong Wook has nothing in his mind but to finish the filming and go home to sleep. Because of the casts’ close relationship, however, Lee Dong Wook was able to feel comfortable around Yoo In Na. Lee Dong Wook and Yoo In Na eventually finished filming the scene. All Kpop  also reported that Lee Dong Wook and the rest of “Goblin” cast have a group chat. The cast even cheered for Lee Dong Wook inside the group chat and wished him well for his flight towards Hong Kong. Lee Dong Wook also revealed that the cast was planning on going out together, sort of like a mini reunion, if they have time. Ultimately, Lee Dong Wook stated that the group chat was created for them to still keep in touch. Lee Dong Wook’s next leg of his “For My Dear” fan meeting tour will be in Indonesia and Thailand. Lee Dong Wook is expected to visit more Asian countries to meet his most loyal fans.

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