Lee Dong-Wook lip color in ‘Guardian/Goblin’ fascinates female fans around the world

Lee Dong-Wook lip color in 'Guardian/Goblin' fascinates female fans around the world

Lee Dong-Wook lip color in 'Guardian/Goblin' fascinates female fans around the world

tvN drama “Guardian” which also known as “Goblin” has become a highly successful one. Further than its compelling story, there is one thing that captivated female fans around the world. That is the fascinating color of Lee Dong-Wook lip color. Audience has been wondering which product he uses for his lips. Lee has been gaining attention for his role in portraying Grim Reaper in the “Guardian.” He was pictured with a pale face and a contrast reddish to pink lip color. His lip color fascinated female audience which were wondering the lip product he use to have such a luscious lip. In Korean Internet portals, the search for his lip product has become one of the hottest topics.
This is not the first time for the 35-year old actor to have such question about his lip product. According to report from KPop Herald , during the airing of tvN drama “Bubble Gum” in 2015 similar question had arisen. His co-star in the “Bubble Gum”drama, actress Jung Ryeo-Won brought up the topic during a TV interview. Lee moved closed to the camera and demonstrated that his lip color is natural. He said that he didn’t apply and use specific product for his lips. In response to high attention, tvN and Lee’s agency King Kong Entertainment release a series of behind the scenes picture of the drama”Guardian” featuring Lee as reported by Seoul Daily News . The series of picture portrayed him in a white shirt during shooting break. “Guardian” or “Goblin” has been one of the most successful drama from tvN. Its funny and interesting story follows the encounter and unlikely love story between human and supernatural being. This year end, two fantasy dramas has gained huge attention from the audience. One other drama is the SBS “Legend of the Blue Sea” which tells the story between human and mermaid. Watch the preview of drama which show Lee and his fascinating lip color below:

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