Lee Dong Wook Gives Becomes A ‘Dj’ on ‘On The Air’ & Gives Various Advices For Fans

Lee Dong Wook Gives Becomes A 'Dj' on 'On The Air' & Gives Various Advices For Fans

Lee Dong Wook Gives Becomes A 'Dj' on 'On The Air' & Gives Various Advices For Fans

  “Goblin” actor Lee Dong Wook recently became a DJ on a V Live broadcast. The actor got really close to his fans this time as he gives answers their questions and gives them advices. Lee Dong Wook became a DJ for a day on April 12 for “On The Air”. According to Soompi , the “Goblin” actor listened to his fans’ concerns and gave them advices as well. One fan participated on the show and shared her difficulty in expressing emotions to the actor. The fan also asked Lee Dong Wook on how he controls his emotions every time he cries on a scene.
“I just have to immerse myself into the script. In our country’s drama production environment, they don’t give us time to break away from our characters,” replied Lee Dong Wook. The actor also added how actors/actresses like him gets immersed uncontrollably with the characters they portray. Another fan called the show and shared to the actor that she relieves her stress by eating too much. Lee Dong Wook then suggested that waiting is one method in dealing with stress. Lee Dong Wook also added how it was important to find another hobby instead of just overeating. He then revealed that he just walks around inside of his home and think about the problem. “My stress goes away at some point and then I come up with solutions,” said Lee Dong Wook. Lee Dong Wook will be “On The Air” on the 12 th day of every month. Fans may be able to catch him on May 12 at 11 A.M KST on his V Live Channel (Lee Dong Wook). In other news, Singapore Today reports Lee Dong Wook will be in Singapore on Saturday, April 15. The actor will be hosting a public press conference at the Plaza Singapura mid-day. Fans are invited to join the event as Lee Dong Wook will be answering questions regarding his role in “Goblin”. The actor will also discuss his experience in working with co-actors Gong Yoo and actress Kim Go Eun.    

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