Lebron James Update: NBA Superstar Admits He Wouldn’t Have Left Miami Heat If The Team Had Bagged The Championship; Lebron Also Talks About His Diet Plan!

The latest Lebron James update has revealed that the superstar would have stayed with the Miami Heat had the team won a three-peat championship.

In a report by Yahoo! Sports , the two-time NBA champion said during an interview with CNN that he would have re-signed with the Heat and would not have opted to return to his original team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, had the Heat won its third straight title.

James told Rachel Nichols of CNN that it would have been difficult not to stay in Miami if they won their third consecutive championship.

In a LeBron James update, he said, “It’s a greater chance (to return to Miami), for sure, I mean, it would be hard to leave back-to-back-to-back championships and try to go for four.

But, obviously, you really can’t live and think of what may have happened.

For me, I’ve always been a person kind of live in the moment.” During the interview, James also talked about other things such as his meeting with Dan Gilbert, owner of the Cleveland Cavaliers and the difficulty of winning an NBA championship and how he intends to lead Cleveland and its young roster.

He said in an article by Sun Sentinel , “I understand what it takes to get there,” he said of his four-year Heat tenure, which included four trips to the NBA Finals and championships in 2012 and ’13.

“I understand what it takes to win.

It’s so difficult.

It’s the hardest thing I’ve ever done in my life.” James also talked about his reduced weight and diet plan which he stuck with for 67 days.

He shared that he weighs in the 250-ish and feels much quicker, which could spell trouble for the competition.

In a related LeBron James update, he and the Cavaliers will face the Miami Heat in a preseason game in Brazil on October 21, 2014.


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