Larry Stylinson Shippers Praise Latest Coca-Cola Ad! Was Commercial Lifted From A Harry Styles And Louis Tomlinson Fan Fiction?

Fans of “Larry Stylinson” who wish to see the two British crooners will be delighted to see the latest ad of Coca-Cola.

While Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson are not the actual celebrities featured in the commercial, many cannot help but notice the resemblance of the ad’s actors to the One Direction members.

In the “Larry Stylinson” commercial, a boy who looks like Louis goes onstage for an audition that’s reminiscent of “The X Factor.” The other boy who looks like Harry waits eagerly in the audience.

When “Louis” begins to sing, his voice cracks which made everyone laugh.

The audience starts booing “Louis” when “Harry” comes up with a brilliant idea.

He finishes off his Coke and taps the bottle to make a beat.

This act regains the confidence of “Louis” and soon, he starts singing One Direction’s “Clouds.” After the song, the Louis lookalike invites the Harry lookalike on stage and hugs him.

Shippers of Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson have bombarded the video with comments.

Larry Stylinson shippers believe that something’s going on between the two hit makers.

Rumors about the crooners’ romance intensified after the two parted ways with their respective girlfriends.

Louis and Eleanor Calder broke up after four years of being together allegedly because of the “Night Changes” singer’s difficult schedule.

Harry, on the other hand, was believed to have been dumped by Nadine Leopold also because of the complications that came with his fame.

Harry Styles, however, never confirmed his romance with the Austrian model.

One of the most liked comments on YouTube claimed that the commercial appears to be a Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson fan fiction.

Vulture  reported that “Larry” is the most popular tandem tagged in a Wattpad story.

The boys are yet to speak out about the latest Coca-Cola ad.

The band is currently taking a rest following their show in Dubai.

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