Lana Del Rey’s Boyfriend Still In Her Good Grace As They’re Spotted Together; ‘Young And Beautiful’ Singer Not Affected Photographer Beau Cosy With Rita Ora’s Sister?

Lana del Rey’s boyfriend still in her good grace as the two were spotted together in New York.

The “Young and Beautiful” singer appeared to be unaffected by rumored cheating of her photographer beau with Rita Ora’s sister.

In a series of snaps from MailOnline , Lana del Rey and boyfriend Francesco Carrozzini were spotted holding hands while strolling through the streets of the Big Apple.

They appeared to have no care in the world as they were both smiling while they ordered coffee and beverages.

Earlier, Lana del Rey’s boyfriend Francesco Carrozzini was seen at a coffee shop in New York while appearing to be on a romantic date with Rita Ora’s sister Elena Sahatciu.

Before saying their goodbyes, Elena Sahatchiu leaned in for a kiss.

It’s not clear, however, whether the smack was right on the kisser or the cheek due to the angle of the camera, said   MailOnline .

A customer at the coffee shop described the pair to UK’s Mirror  as “very cozy.” “They were very touchy-feely and both had beaming smiles as they sat together,” the witness said.

According to the publication, Lana del Rey’s boyfriend Francesco Carrozzini is one of the top fashion photographers in the world, with cover assignments for the likes of  Vanity Fair , Vogue and the Rolling Stone under his belt.

Before hooking up with the photographer, Lana del Rey had a previous relationship with Barrie-James O’Neill, along with producer Steven Mertens as well as a record label owner which lasted for seven years on-and-off.

But  MailOnline  said that Lana del Rey’s boyfriend Francesco Carrozzini could just be friends with Rita Ora’s sister.

“The acclaimed photographer did direct the music video for her 23-year-old sister Rita’s recent hit ‘I Will Never Let You Down,, and with Elena being her manager, they would likely have spent a significant amount of time together,” the British tabloid said.

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