Lady Gaga Will Reunite With Boyfriend Taylor Kinney For Wedding? Yahoo Will Live Stream Artpop In Late November, ‘Bad Romance’ Singer Plans Life After Tour

Lady Gaga celebrated the end of Artpop tour with a party in Manchester on Monday night.

That means that she will reunite with her ‘Chicago Fire’ boyfriend Taylor Kinney soon! When Yahoo live streams her final Artpop concert later this month, ‘Bad Romance’ singer will be released from her duties and go home to Taylor Kinney.

But it looks like Lady Gaga wanted the party to last forever! Decked out in “a sheer green dress and stockings,” Lady Gaga partied at “the All Star Lanes bowling alley in the centre of the northern city and treated her dancers and crew to a special bash to celebrate the upcoming finale of her artRAVE: The ARTPOP Ball in Paris later this week,” according to Daily Mail.

‘Bad Romance’ singer didn’t forget to bring her favorite dog, Asia, to the revelry.

When Artpop tour wraps up on November 24, with Yahoo live streaming the final concert, Lady Gaga will be released to go plan her wedding to Taylor Kinney.

Seeing how ‘Bad Romance’ singer and ‘Chicago Fire’ star have been together for three years, they must be itching to plan something like a wedding soon! According to a previous article, she said, “I thought I did [want to have babies], because I was feeling kind of finished with all of the chaos of my life.

But then I started to spend a lot more time with Tony, and everything just became simpler, more pure, and more perfect.

Now I think I’m going to take a lot more time before I have kids and settle down.” Taylor Kinney might not have been too happy about that.

Lady Gaga and her boyfriend Taylor Kinney have been facing some couple trouble ever since Tony Bennett came into their lives.

The jazz singer may have saved her singing career, but he also dissuaded her from starting a family with Taylor Kinney.

But with the cute picture of Kelly Clarkson’s baby River, Lady Gaga caught the baby fever and probably forgot all the things Tony told her.

Do you think ‘Bad Romance’ singer is ready to settle down with ‘Chicago Fire’ star? Will Taylor Kinney finally propose after three plus years? Let me know in the comments below!

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