LADIES CODE, Is Their Comeback Possible?


Is the comeback of girl group LADIES CODE possible? LADIES CODE’s accident that occured in September is catching attention again.

The manager who was driving at the time was charged for investigation.

The reason was speeding at night, leading to the death of two members.

With the investigation going on, it has also been known that the three members who survived the accident moved back into their dorm.

One representative of Polaris Entertainment sid, “The three members moved back into the dorm and are living together.

They were with their families after the accident but they were advised to move around instead of sitting at home so they have been spending their time vocal training and things like that.” The three are almost completely recovered from the accident.

Though physically they are almost fully healed, their emotional health is still unstable.

The emptiness of the two members is big and their manager being under investigation is also not easy on their part.

About their comeback, the representative said, “We know that many are supporting their comeback.

But it’s a bit too early right now to be discussing that just yet.”

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