Kylie Jenner Plastic Surgery: Kim Kardashian Baby Sister Pouts Over Sibling Rivalry; Kylie Jenner Lips Are Fully Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kylie Jenner plastic surgery: Look at those luscious lips on the Kylie Jenner Instagram photo.

Do they look familiar?  Kim Kardashian ‘s little sister is being hit with plastic surgery rumors after Instagram selfies reveal evidence of Kim Kardashian lip injections.

The youngest star on “Keeping Up With The Kardashians” now joins rumors that Kim Kardashian is ruining her body with plastic surgery in an attempt to get rid of baby bump stretch marks.

Did Kylie Jenner get plastic surgery? Before and after photos seem to show Kim Kardashian’s 17-year-old sister is looking more like Kanye West’s wife.

Kylie reportedly wanted to be the sister with the “big lips.” Closer magazine quoted an insider saying, “Kylie wanted lips to be her thing …

she has told her sisters to let her be the one with the big lips.

Kim has been topping up her fillers every three months when the recommended gap is nine.” Bal Harbour Plastic Surgery Associates-certified plastic surgeon Dr.

Michael Salzhauer told Inquisitr magazine.

Her lips look 3 times as wide as they did in the ‘before’ pictures.

Usually they get smaller and less plump as you get older, not bigger.” But with Kim as her older half-sister and Kendall Jenner as her other, there might be something else at play. did a report on why Kylie would get plastic surgery.

They started by talking with psychologists.


Gilda Carle, a psychologist and relationship expert, told the magazine “Sibling rivalry is in every family so it would be understandable that she would want to put herself as a Kim look-a-like.

Kim is now a married woman with a child and in her mind, her life is just starting to take off.

In her young mind she might believe that the success was based off of the surgery that they had done.

She has connected that to success and doesn’t see a downside, no one has been hurt, so why shouldn’t she? She looks so much like Kim now! Look at how successful Kim has been!” Kylie Jenner was a kid when she was first featured on “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.” The 17-year-old getting has been changing her look constantly.

Some experts think Kylie is using drastic plastic in a bid to look just like her sister Kim.

In July Heat World quoted an insider saying “Kylie’s such a pretty girl, but she’s found it difficult that her sister Kendall’s modelling career has taken off so much more than hers.

Kendall is a natural born model.

Kylie says she’s happy for her but, behind the scenes, all her friends know she’s jealous.” Kylie also has never admitted getting plastic surgery.


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