Kwanghee Claims ‘I’m Not Going To Sing Anymore!’ In Recent ‘Radio Star’ Episode, Find Out Why!

Kwanghee Claims 'I’m Not Going To Sing Anymore!' In Recent 'Radio Star' Episode

Kwanghee Claims 'I’m Not Going To Sing Anymore!' In Recent 'Radio Star' Episode, Find Out Why!

  ZE:A’s Kwanghee has now removed “singer” from his profile description. The singer appeared on MBC’s “Radio Star’s” pre-recorded episode on March 22 and revealed the reason why. Soompi reports that the reason behind Kwanghee removing his “singer” description in his profile was because of his previous appearance on “Radio Star”. Apparently, the singer has received quite a lot of negative comments for his performance on the show, saying that his voice was rather bad.
Gura, the show’s host, also pointed out that the audience on the show was not thrilled in hearing Kwanghee’s voice in his previous performance on the show. This was the sole reason Kwanghee removed his status as a “singer” in his profile. “I’m not going to sing anymore!” said Kwanghee. The singer and actor Kyuhyun was shocked by Kwanghee’s revelation. He immediately visited the singer’s profile and verified Kwanghee’s statement. Kwanghee’s profile now states that he is a “TV personality.” “I could have said ‘variety show personality,’ but then I thought people might say that I wasn’t funny enough,” explained Kwanghee on the show. “So I went with ‘TV personality’ instead.” It is unclear though, whether Kwanghee was just joking around in changing his status in his profile. But what’s clear is that the “ex-singer” does not take negative criticism that much. In other news, Kwanghee also talked about his friendship with BIGBANG’s G-Dragon on the same show. MC Gura was puzzled how the two became friends, in which Kwanghee replied that he just happened to be acquainted with the BIGBANG member. According to All Kpop , Kwanghee thanked G-Dragon as his staff brought him [Kwanghee] to an expensive BBQ place in Jeju Island. The ZE:A singer stated that G-Dragon treated him in the said restaurant where he dined a full-course meal. Kwanghee was to talk about another G-Dragon story when Gura interrupted him and asked if he could talk about something else, in which Kwanghee did. In the end, MC Gura nagged and jokingly said that Kwanghee talks too much about himself.    

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