Kwak Si Yang Accepts Offer To Star In New Drama ‘Chicago Typewriter’

Kwak Si Yang Accepts Offer To Star In New Drama 'Chicago Typewriter'

Kwak Si Yang Accepts Offer To Star In New Drama 'Chicago Typewriter'

Latest updates have revealed that Kwak Si Yang will be appearing in an upcoming Korean drama. According to reports, the actor will star in the drama titled “Chicago Typewriter,” that is expected to air very soon. It is reported by Soompi that actor Kwak Si Yang’s management agency, Starhaus Entertainment, released a statement on March 23 stating that the actor will be taking on the role of a popular writer named Baek Tae Min in the upcoming drama “Chicago Typewriter,” which will air on April 7.
It was previously reported that Yoo Ah In will also star in the upcoming drama and will also portray the role of a talented writer. However, the storyline of “Chicago Typewriter” has revealed that the two writers will not get along well. It appears that Kwak Si Yang’s character and Yoo Ah In’s character would be rivals in the upcoming drama. Both characters would be at each other’s throat in everything they do, including public appeal, popularity and charisma. According to the storyline of “Chicago Typewriter,” Kwak Si Yang’s character, Baek Tae Min is a talented writer who is as also as gifted as his big time rival, Yoo Ah In’s character, Han Se Joo. It is reported that both writers are highly acknowledged as the country’s most valued, charismatic, and talented writers. In “Chicago Typewriter,” Kwak Si Yang’s character will be an extremely jealous rival of Yoo Ah In’s character as much as Antonio Salieri was jealous of Mozart in the movie titled “Amadeus,” according to Soompi. Allkpop reported that actor Kwak Si Yang commented on the reasons why he decided to take on his role in “Chicago Typewriter.” The actor said, “I decided to appear in [‘Chicago Typewriter’] because the story is entertaining, the topic is colorful, and each of the characters seems very much alive… My anticipation for it is high thanks to my trust in the staff and the other actors.”  He continued to note that the storyline of “Chicago Typewriter” is very exciting and the subject matter is relatively rare and each character has been allocated their own unique story that brings them to life. “Chicago Typewriter” is a fantasy human romance drama that will feature Yoo Ah In, Go Kyung Pyo, Lim Soo Jung, Kwak Si Yang, and many others.  tvN has released several teasers for the upcoming drama, which has, in turn, increased the anticipation of potential viewers for the drama.

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