Kris Reflects On EXO, Following Dreams In Acceptance Speech For Outstanding Youth Award In China

Kris Reflects On EXO
Kris Reflects On EXO

From basketball player to Korean idol to Chinese actor, Kris (Wu Yi Fan) planned on being a lot of things, leading him to becoming one of China’s most outstanding young people.

At the Sina 15th Anniversary ceremony, former EXO and EXO-M member Kris (known in China as Wu Yi Fan) received the Outstanding Youth Award, and was asked to give a speech about his life up till now.

Kris spoke about his career goals throughout his life, including his time in Korea.

“The training system in Korea is comprehensive but strict,” said Kris.

“I learned a lot and also experienced some hardships during the seven years that I was there for.

I really missed home, especially during the holidays.

However, these things were really nothing.

The thing that was the hardest to deal with was the uncertainty about the future.” Kris made no mention outright of EXO or SM Entertainment, but instead discussed life as a trainee and how his mother’s words helped him decide to move on from the unfulfilling life of being an idol.

“Often times, you would feel extremely lost and scared,” he described his time as an SM Entertainment trainee.

“You wouldn’t know when you will actually have the chance to fulfill your dream, or if you will actually end up accomplishing anything at all.

You wouldn’t know how the story will go, and no one would be there to tell you.” After discussing the fears he faced as a train, Kris glossed over his time in EXO and moved swiftly to his decision to leave being a K-pop idol behind and move onto being an actor.

“I thought about giving up, but I persevered at the end.

The one that gave me the most motivation was my mom.

She told me, ‘Son, no matter what, if you feel that you’re tired, then just come home.

Don’t worry and don’t be scared, mom will always be waiting for you to come home.’ She didn’t give me an excuse to quit, but rather a reason to keep going – to not let my family down and not regret my decisions.

Later, I said goodbye to the idol Wu Yifan and am now standing here.

I wanted to have a change of identity and be an actor.” Kris also discussed his original aspirations to be a basketball player, and his experience as an actor in China.

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