Korean Sensation Krystal, Reveals Bath Photos For Art Collaboration Exhibit!

Korean Sensation Krystal

Korean Sensation Krystal, Reveals Bath Photos For Art Collaboration Exhibit!

Krystal of f(x), together with June One Kim, has just released to the public their recent special art collaboration music video. This was made for the song, “I Don’t Wanna Love You”. The joint project started last Feb. 15, and during that event, they had also released the much-anticipated music video. A number of visual and art projects between the two are then scheduled to commence right after that. According to All KPop , June One Kim is a member of the Glen Check, a K-indie band. This means that his collaboration with Krystal will surely be a stepping stone for the two celebrities to gain more popularity in the Korean entertainment industry.

Krystal was the core of the music video that featured a horror concept, which suited her perfectly. Now, a set of new sexy bathing photos of Krystal has just been released for the entire world to see. According to another report by All KPop , this was the one of the next few projects that commenced right after the two’s music video has been released. The collaborator’s art exhibit opened last Feb. 18. In the photos, one can see that Krystal took one step higher as she had effectively transitioned from once a fresh and innocent face in the industry, to now becoming a daring and seductive artistic celebrity. The sexy bath photos have indeed redefined her career. What is sure to happen next is that Krystal, together with June One Kim, to have more art exhibit collaborations. This might even signal the start of a new relationship between Krystal and June One Kim’s band, Glen Check. If ever the three parties do combine and work out their respective talents, they’ll surely each greater heights. Let’s just hope they just keep their feet on the ground, and stay humble as they make their way into the top ranks of the Korean entertainment industry.

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