Kolon Sport Releases Behind The Scenes Footage Of Ad Campaign With EXO

Kolon Sport Releases Behind The Scenes Footage Of Ad Campaign With EXO
Kolon Sport Releases Behind The Scenes Footage Of Ad Campaign With EXO

A new video released by outerwear brand Kolon Sport shows the ten members of EXO getting playful behind the scenes of their new ad spot. 

In a recent upload via Kolon Sport’s official YouTube channel, EXO is seen bringing in the chilly weather with warm smiles and playful attitudes.

The footage reveals the members showing their cute charm and even donning vibrant red Santa hats and reindeer antlers signaling that Christmas is but a month away.

EXO has been endorsing Kolon Sports since February 2013 with the release of their personal shoes, ‘MOVE-XO.’ Since then, EXO has been actively endorsing the brand with various ads and promotions.

The promotions for EXO tend to be centered on being athletic through dance.

However, the behind the scenes footage of their latest ad shows that they can indeed take a break from their charismatic moves and make fans swoon with their eye-blinding smiles instead.

 EXO also found some toys and proceeded to make a good time out of them for the photo-shoot.

Not only were there toys and knick-knacks but it also appeared that EXO got their hands on a few cameras and even took selca’s of themselves for the fans.

Contrary to their charismatic charm on stage, the boys of EXO showcased relaxed natures and one can’t help but to just smile right along with them.

Kolon Sports continued to go further behind the scenes in honor of the release of Kolon Sport’s Fall and Winter Collection.

The new Kolon Sport winter coat line features two different styles including the Antarctica style and the New Bantam style as well.

In the previous ad, EXO was against each other in an intense dance battle wearing both types.

We can only hope for a rematch in the near future as we continue to edge closer to winter! In the meantime, EXO recently finished up their ‘The Lost Planet’ tour in Tokyo, Japan and celebrated with a hearty dinner! EXO member, Chanyeol recently shared a video of his fellow members after the successful conclusion of their Tokyo leg on his personal  Instagram .


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