Kodansha Announces Special ‘Attack On Titan: Anthology’ At NYCC 2015

Kodansha Announces Special 'Attack On Titan: Anthology' At NYCC 2015

Kodansha Announces Special 'Attack On Titan: Anthology' At NYCC 2015

For months, “Attack on Titan” fans have been teased and taunted with various adaptations such as the live action films, the spinoff anime, and even spinoff novels.
But the most important question still remains:

When is the “Attack on Titan” season two release date? Unfortunately that is still a question unknown.
Instead, Kodansha announced a brand new project linking the original Japanese style of manga with the U.S. style of comic books.
Today, at the NYCC 2015  “Biggest ‘Attack on Titan’ Announcement Ever” panel, Kodansha comics announced an official “Attack on Titan Anthology.” The anthology will be original work by U.S. comic book writers including Brendan Fletcher, Cameron Stewart, Babs Tarr, Afua Richardson, and even the infamous writer of “Batman,” Scott Snyder.
“The goal is definitely to maintain the integrity of the characters, but some of the stories will take place in the past and be alternate to the main story,” said panelist Afua Richardson. 
Kodansha confirmed in the panel that the “Attack on Titan Anthology” will be released in full color, sometime in Fall 2016. 

For those who are somehow not familiar with “Attack on Titan,” the story follows humanity’s last stand against man-eating giants that have infiltrated the walls that once kept them out. The stand against the titans seems to rely on figuring out the secrets of how the titans first became a reality. 

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