Klay Thompson Suffers From Head Concussion From Latest NBA Game; Dad Releases Statement!

Klay Thompson Suffers From Head Concussion From Latest NBA Game; Dad Releases Statement!
Klay Thompson Suffers From Head Concussion From Latest NBA Game; Dad Releases Statement!

Klay Thompson, NBA star, has been reported to be suffering from concussion-like symptoms.

His dad, Mychal Thompson confirmed.

The report came in after the latest game between The Golden State Warriors  and the Houston Rockets.

As reported previously, Klay’s team won, thus, earning them a spot in the finals.

It can be recalled that an accident happened in-game, specifically during the 9:31 mark in the fourth quarter.

Houston Rockets player Trevor Ariza jumped to get the ball and in the process, hit his guard, Klay right on his ear with his knee.

During replay, Thompson’s head could be seen being hit directly which even caused it to bounce on the opposite direction.

After which, the Golden State Warriors player fell to the ground because of pain.

After the incident, Klay was brought to the locker room for an assessment from the NBA medical team, which later indicated that there were no signs of Klay suffering from any head injury or concussions.

However, his ear canal bled due to the impact of Ariza’s knee.

This was not considered to be a serious injury, therefore, he was brought back out to celebrate their win with the rest of his teammates.

After the NBA celebration ended, Klay Thompson was reported to have started showcasing the symptoms one would get should they suffer from a concussion.

His dad released statement via Twitter later on.  “After the game, I had to drive Klay home & he threw up a couple of times,” he said, as taken from Sporting News .

This was in contrast to what his father told news sources earlier on, when they were still in the arena.

“They went through the concussion protocol and everything, and he’s fine, just mostly suffering from the cut (on his ear),” Mychal previously told USA Today .

Should Klay Thompson be diagnosed by the NBA to be suffering from a concussion, he would have to follow one of the association’s policies that state that “A player that is diagnosed with concussion should have their physical and cognitive exertion limited as much as possible while they are still experiencing symptoms of concussion.” As to what his dad thinks about him team getting in the finals with the “big sharks” in the league, he said that it will be exciting to see.

“It’s definitely a thrill for me, and more a thrill for him,” he said, also according to the site cited above.

“I know how hard it is to get to the Finals, and it’s even harder to beat a team led by LeBron James andKyrie Irving.

But still you’ve got to enjoy the moment.” “It’s a great accomplishment,” he added.

“But they’ve got a longer road to go until they can feel satisfied.

Tonight, be happy, but not satisfied.

It’s going to be a tough six or seven-game series.

LeBron is that great.

If Kyrie is healthy, I could see it going seven games.”

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