‘King’s Love’ Latest Updates: Hong Jong Hyun Goes Heroic

'King's Love' Latest Updates: Hong Jong Hyun Goes Heroic

'King's Love' Latest Updates: Hong Jong Hyun Goes Heroic

A new preview showing Hong Jong Hyun has just been unveiled for all the world to see. Hong Jong Hyun gets to play the character of Wang Lin, who is the only friend of Wang Won, who is also played by Im Siwan. This star studded cast is really one of the main factors as to why the show is a big hit to viewers of all ages. According to Korea Portal , Hong Jong Hyun sports a fierce glare as he looks at his opponent straight in the eye.
It is worth noting that the character of Hong Jong Hyun is a remarkably trustworthy man. With this, one can see how he would protect his friend, Im Siwan, as well as YoonA in one of the scenes of the drama. The production company of the show said that the scene was filmed just last January. And during the filming of it, Hong Jong Hyun showed great work ethics as he did his best in letting out his energy. All of these are successfully done despite the odds being against them. Take note that January is one of the winter months in Korea, making filming very difficult due to the snow and very cold temperature. According to Soompi , “King’s Love” takes inspiration from the novel that bears the same name. The store of the drama revolves around a love triangle between two best friends who had then fell in love with a woman. Take note that this is a historical drama that is set during the Goryeo Dynasty. It is also reported to air sometime this year. With all of these being said, there is no doubt that “King’s Love” will be one of the most emotionally satisfying Korean dramas of all-time. Matched with its historical setting and plot, and dazzling and lovable characters, there is no reason for it not to be a hit. Then again, the viewers and fans need to wait for more information as to when they can expect the show to premiere. For now, speculations and theories about the true storyline is left for everyone to  wonder on.

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