‘Kingdom Hearts 3′ Release Date Still Up In The Air: Square Enix Releases ‘Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ’

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date Still Up In The Air: Square Enix Releases ‘Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ'

'Kingdom Hearts 3' Release Date Still Up In The Air: Square Enix Releases ‘Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ'

The gaming world is waiting for the release of ”Kingdom Hearts III.” This upcoming action r ole-playing game is meant for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The release date is still not confirmed by the makers.

”Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ” finally got a release date of Apr. 7, 2016 for iOS and Android devices. Venturebeat confirmed the news. This is a mobile game which the players can enjoy on the move.
”Kingdom Hearts” the first game of this series was released Japan on Mar. 28, 2002 for PlayStation 2. IGN and gamefaqs talked about the release of this game and published the review. ”Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories,” the sequel of the first game was released on Nov.11, 2004. ”Kingdom Hearts II” was released for the PlayStation 2 in Japan on Dec. 22, 2005. ”Kingdom Hearts Coded,” the mobile phone game was unveiled on Nov. 18, 2008 in Japan.
”Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days,” ”Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep,” ”Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance,” are some other games which are developed by  Square Enix (originally by Square). Tetsuya Nomura, the character designer for all these games has become synonymous with this series. He is associated with  Square Enix for a long time and in collaboration with Disney Interactive Studios, these games are developed.
Way back in Sep. 2010, Nomura stated that his team was too busy with other projects and the release of ”Kingdom Hearts III” will take time. The development team was concentrating on bringing up ”Final Fantasy XV” first. In Jun.2013, PR newswire talked in details about the gameplay, development strategy of ”Kingdom Hearts III.”
”KINGDOM HEARTS III features a mature Sora as the main protagonist who sets forth on an adventure with Mickey, Donald and Goofy through new and legendary Disney worlds. KINGDOM HEARTS III will make full use of next generation console technologies to showcase a stunning universe packed full of worlds based on Disney properties.” is what they mentioned.
Newseveryday.com clarified that the game is developed well. ”As Marvel and Lucas Arts are already acquired by Disney, they are planning to integrate the characters of Sora, Goofy and Donald with Avengers to explore New York City at a unknown planet along with Han Solo and Chewbacca in Kingdom Hearts 3” is what they clarified.
Watch this space for more updates on this adrenaline pumping game. 

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