Kingdom Hearts 3 Gameplay Deaths? Release Date, Trailer & Xbox One [NEWS]

Kingdom Hearts 3’s gameplay is said to include the death of a major character since the game is no longer directed only for children, QuikDocs reports. 

Tetsuya Nomura is likely to add new characters to the current Kingdom Hearts 3 roster in development, rumors on gaming forums are suggesting.

Possible additions include several from the Marvel Heroes.

The game is rumored to feature “close ties” with previous games produced by Tetsuya Nomura, especially Final Fantasy XV, Master Herald reports.

“The game will receive the total, undivided attention of Tetsuya Nomura.

As a result, people can simply imagine how fascinating this upcoming title will turn out to be,” the website writes.

“Although Nomura has moved from Final Fantasy to Kingdom Hearts 3, he may not be the only change that we get to see.

Gamers believe that this upcoming title will feature close ties with the previous games he was working on, namely Final Fantasy XV.” Amazon has listed Kingdom Hearts 3 with a Dec.

31, 2015 release date, spurring rumors about the game’s upcoming launch.

However, many have pointed to this date as a placeholder and insist its release date may be in 2016.

Kingdom Hearts 3 isn’t the only game in the series that gamers are talking about.  Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD Remix sales did not perform as well as expected in Japan, Siliconera reports.

It is said to have sold 84,935 copies within the first week.

The game’s developers have released a new trailer for the game, showing new scenes and game features.

  Square Enix has launched commercials for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Remix in JapanDescription:, promoting the game’s release date and gameplay features.

Kingdom Hearts 2.5 includes a number of new features previously unavailable to gamers.

According to Kotaku, it includes remixed versions of Kingdom Hearts 2 and Birth by Sleep.


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