Kim Yoon Seo Speaks On Her Acting Career In An Interview with ‘International BNT’

Kim Yoon Seo Speaks On Her Acting Career In An Interview with 'International BNT'

Kim Yoon Seo Speaks On Her Acting Career In An Interview with 'International BNT'

Actress Kim Yoon Seo recently sat down with the internet newspaper International BNT for and interview. Aside from talking about her acting career,   she reportedly showed three different concepts in the meeting as well. According to Allkpop , the first concept shows Kim Yoon Seo wearing a simple overtone that gears toward the spring season. The second concept accordingly portrays her wearing fancy multicolored attire against a rustic background. And finally, in the third, she is shown with various patterns that put her charm in the forefront.
The first question that was asked is what made her decide to pursue an acting career. Kim Yoon Seo said that when she was still in school, she really did not know what to do with her life. She apparently thought about acting but she did not have the courage to step out and try. Since she did not have a mentor to truly guide her, she accordingly gave up on acting. However, about a year later she picked it up again after realizing that it was something that she can really pursue. When asked if she has played the role of villains, Kim Yoon Seo answered that she has   acted in both good and villain roles. She says that it is not easy to gratify people when playing an evil character. But she realizes acting a villain role can be a challenge by itself. “I think playing both good and bad roles fit me. They are sides that come from within me. I feel I have both good and bad sides about me,”   Kim Yoon Seo said when asked what role fits her. The actress said that her goal for 2017 is always been the same, to become a good actress. Kim Yoon Seo according to Wikipedia , made her acting debut in 2009. She has played supporting roles in television dramas such as “Glass Mask” (2012), “You’re the Best , Lee Soon-shin” (2013), and “Legendary Witches” (2014).

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