Kim Woo Bin’s Abs Are No Joke In ‘Uncontrollably Fond’

New still cuts for  KBS ‘s drama ” Uncontrollably Fond ” have been released showing Actor  Kim Woo Bin  and his definite abs. In the photos, he is seen topless and with a towel wrapped around his lower body hinting that he has just gotten out of the shower. As he stands in front of the bathroom mirror, he looks as if he is lost in his thoughts. He is also seen applying some skin care onto his face.
Despite having such great skin, that wasn’t the thing that caught the staff members’ attention; instead it was his unbelievable abs! Staff members on set said, ” Kim Woo Bin ‘s body is really good. It’s the best.” It was disclosed that the actor had hit the gym pretty often in preparation for his role and that hard work sure has paid off. ” Uncontrollably Fond ” is about a a couple who got separated during their childhood years due to an unfortunate relationship, but meet again during their adult years. Actor  Kim Woo Bin  will be playing the character of  Shin Joon – young  who is a top actor and singer; and Actress  Bae Suzy  will be playing the character of  No Eul  who is a documentary producer. The drama airs every Wednesdays  and  Thursdays  on  KBS2  at  21:55  starting  July 6th, 2016 .    

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