Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Diss? Baby, House & Wedding Pictures Rumors Update [NEWS]

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West were almost attacked while entering a Paris fashion show in support of Kendall Kenner by an angry stalker.

“Vitalii [stalker] is still on the loose …

he didn’t commit a crime so there was nothing that could be done to him.

As we first reported he wasn’t arrested by Paris police after the fashion show attack, because cops say it was a stupid, nothing offense and they had better things to do,” TMZ reports.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have decided that they will not spank their baby, a source told Radar Online.

“Kim and Kanye decided before North was born there would be no spanking ever,” an insider told Radar Online.

“It’s not how they want to raise their daughter.

As North gets older, and when she acts up, there will be time outs, taking away a favorite toy, but absolutely no physical discipline.” The revelation drew criticism from fans that commented on ex-boyfriend Reggie Bush’s recent comment about  “harshly” discipline his children.

Rumors surrounding Kim Kardashian being pregnant with a second child and wedding day speculation with Kanye West continue to circulate on Twitter and Instagram following recently revealed information.

“Kim has suddenly stopped talking to her friends and family about trying for another baby, which is strange because that was all she talked about up until a few weeks ago,” Celeb Dirty Laundry reports, citing a September 22 edition Star Magazine article.

“She is rocking the same pregnancy glow she sported when she was pregnant with baby North, and she recently began gaining weight rapidly, just like her first pregnancy.

Also, Kim has begun dropping off the map and not doing appearances, nor has she been spotted out and about as frequently as usual.” Kim Kardashian recently posted a photo on Twitter and Instagram of her in a wedding dress standing next to Kanye West, where the couple appears happy, but new revelations suggest there may have been drama surrounding her gown.

“I can tell that the girls aren’t loving their dresses,” Kim said during a recently-aired episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUTWK).  “It’s really, really hard to find a dress that will fit all of my sisters’ body types.

Every single person has a different shape, height, whatever, and when we first ordered these dresses, I had no idea Kourtney would be pregnant.

I want everyone to feel really comfortable and just love what they have.

It’s really hard.”    

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