Kim Jong Kook Got Critique For His Comment That Tall Women Aren’t Women

Kim Jong Kook Got Critique For His Comment That Tall Women Aren't Women

Kim Jong Kook Got Critique For His Comment That Tall Women Aren't Women

One person’s perspective may be different from another. It is normal to have different taste or interest. That’s why generalizing things may give some problems. Recently, Kim Jong Kook got critique a lot saying that men don’t like tall women. In the recent episode of “Running Man” aired on Apr. 30, there was SISTAR’s Hyorin as the guest. Kim Jong Kook was in a car with Hyorin and then shared his ideal type of woman. He started with saying that men don’t like tall women. He said that he didn’t see tall woman as a woman, AllKpop  reported.
Kim Jong Kook actually just expressed about his ideal type and how he wan’st attracted with tall woman. Yet, many netizens critique him a lot as he started his statement with generalization. Netizens taught that he did discrimination for his saying. Even though there were many critiques, some of his fans defended him by saying that he just spoke up about his opinion. As Kim Jong Kook is an idol, everything he says is being noticed by many people. For this, maybe he can select his words again next time. Previously, Kim Jong Kook was reported to be kicked out from “Running Man.” As the show still went on, there was issue that the staff asked apology to Kim Jong Kook. He even persuaded other members to keep shooting the show, Soompi  reported. Thus, the show keeps on going well and with the addition of two members, they want to get the attention from viewers again. Kim Jong Kook is known to have a girlfriend before. But unfortunately, he broke up with his girlfriend because he was into workout too much. He even lied to his girlfriend about exercising and when the girl caught him red-handed, they ended up separated, AllKpop  reported. In many chances when Cha Tae Hyun and Kim Jong Kook are on the same screen, Cha Tae Hyun often asks Kim Jong Kook to get married. But it seems that it will happen not in a short time. Read next: BTS Hashtag For Billboard Music Awards Got The Trending #1 On Twitter, Leaving Justin Bieber Behind

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