Kim Hyun Jung, Shocking Confession “A Rich CEO Gave Me A Lot Of Money”

Kim Hyun Jung
Kim Hyun Jung

Singer Kim Hyun Jung talked about rich CEOs approaching her.

On tvN ” Taxi ” aired on November 25, Kim Hyun Jung appeared as one of the guests for the ’90s ICON’ special.

Kim Hyun Jung said, “One CEO saw me on TV and gave our agency very large sums of money and asked me to play golf with him.” She continued, “Our agency boss told him to get lost.” She also said, “I don’t know how things are these days but back then, a lot of people called our managers saying they’re this company CEO’s son and that company CEO’s son.” So Chan Whee, hearing this, said, “I don’t know if he was rich but someone did call me and asked me to eat with him.

After that I thought things like that actually do happen.” Internet users who saw this commented, “Kim Hyun Jung was really popular back then,” “She made so many hit songs,” and “Wow, I didn’t know things like that happened to her.”

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