Kiko Mizuhara Says She’s Single Despite G-Dragon Dating Rumors [VIDEO]

Kiko Mizuhara Says She's Single Despite G-Dragon Dating Rumors [VIDEO]
Kiko Mizuhara Says She's Single Despite G-Dragon Dating Rumors [VIDEO]

Dating in the public eye can be a positive experience for some, and disastrous for others.

This seems to be particularly true in the k-pop world, as many celebrity couples often face criticism from fans of their partner.

In fact, this recently caused FTISLAND’s Lee Hongki to speak out against fans that suddenly become anti-fans in the face of a dating rumor.

Dating rumors however don’t seem to faze either G-Dragon or Japanese model Kiko Mizuhara, the long-time alleged couple.

Recently in a TV interview Mizuhara outright denied the existence of a boyfriend in her life, claiming that her family remains to be the only people she can share her personal feelings with.

“Aside from my family, I don’t really know anyone that I can share my personal feelings without any worries,” said Mizuhara (via Koreaboo ).

This prompted a question about her relationship status.

“No, I don’t have a boyfriend,” was Mizuhara’s reply, which appears strange given her history of “dates” with BIGBANG group member G-Dragon.

Last September she was spotted with G-Dragon in Korea, leading to another swarm of dating rumors.

This denial of being in a relationship is slightly more direct than G-Dragon, who has previously said, “There is nothing to say,” regarding his alleged relationship with Mizuhara.

Those around G-Dragon have however commented that they merely have a close friendship.

Despite the numerous rumors, it would appear that G-Dragon and Kiko Mizuhara are nothing more than friends.

Unless, they’re both taking a stance of denial in order to protect their privacy, which is always a possibility for those trying to date while being a celebrity.

After all the backlash aimed at Girls’ Generation’ Taeyeon received when her relationship with EXO’s Baekhyun was revealed, who could blame them.  (NOTE: Conversation about dating begins at 36:20)      

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