Kevin Durant News: Reigning MVP Wants To Play For Team USA In 2016 Brazil Olympics, What About LeBron

A lot of basketball fans were shocked when they heard the news that Kevin Durant is withdrawing from Team USA, just a couple of weeks before the actual FIBA World Cup tournament in Spain.  In his statement, Durant said it was all about fatigue and not other reasons like his upcoming endorsement deals or the injury of Paul George.

And when we look at his stats and numbers, he certainly proved his point. 

Since 2012, the reigning MVP has only missed two games in the regular season, and he has played in all of the Oklahoma City Thunder’s playoff games.  That period also includes a long stretch of playing without Russell Westbrook who was injured and underwent surgery.  And now that he has well rested, Durant says that he wants to be a part of Team USA in the next Olympic games in Rio de Janeiro.  In an interview with Sports Center , “Hopefully I’ll be there.

It’s whoever Mr.

[Jerry] Colangelo and Coach K [Team USA coach Mike Krzyzewski] pick.

I would love to have the chance to play in another Olympics.”  Meanwhile, the other best player in the world, LeBron James commented that he hasn’t even thought yet whether he would want to return to Team USA for upcoming tournaments.  That just means LBJ may not be interested in playing for Team USA.

Howeer, it is still too early to finalize everything.

Who knows? Maybe LeBron would change his mind once he has won a title with the Cavs this year or next year.

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