Kevin Durant News: KD Says He Plays NBA 2K15 As Lebron James, Because Choosing Himself Would Be Too Arrogant [Watch Here]

The latest Kevin Durant news reveals that the OKC forward uses fellow superstar LeBron James’ avatar when playing NBA 2K15.

According to , Durant appeared on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” on September 25 to talk about the new video game.

Fallon held a copy of the game up, featuring Durant as the cover star, and then asked, “Are you good at this game?” KD answered, “I’m really good.

15 years, been playing for 15 years I have to be pretty good.” Fallon confirmed, “You’re actually decent at this one?” KD said, “I’m really good.

Not decent.

I’m really good.” This is where the Kevin Durant news gets more interesting — the forward proceeded to share his experiences playing the game in the past, saying that he and his friends would hold summer-long tournaments.

He added that he broke several controllers and that his brother was not allowed to play anymore because he would break the TV.

Jimmy Fallon asked, “So, you play as you?” Durant immediately replied, “No, that’s kind of arrogant.” Durant kept a poker face the entire time while Fallon burst into laughter with the crowd.

The host continued, “No! You had to play as you! Who do you play as?” He told Fallon he would play “just anybody” but himself.

Fallon prodded him to share the one character he likes to play more than anyone else, to which KD finally responded, “Alright, LeBron.” Fallon joked that he would play as Durant so the real Durant would have to beat himself.

Fallon’s companion on the show added that Durant’s new skill set was better in the new game.

In Kevin Durant news by Daily Thunder , Durant rated 94 in “NBA 2K14”, while cover star LeBron James was given a rating of 99.

In the new “NBA 2K15” game, he had a rating of 95.

Only three other players were given a rating of 90 and above.

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