Kevin Costner Talks Movies and Joy With AARP; Kevin Costner New Movie Black or White Takes on Difficult Subject of Race Following Ferguson

Kevin Costner, the famed star of so many baseball movies, is no stranger to controversial films.

One of his best performances was as the New Orleans DA who went up against the powers that be in the Oliver Stone film “JFK.”

Kevin Costner talked about the problems of accurately and fairly discussing race in his new movie, Black Or White, in the December/January Issue Of AARP The Magazine.

“Nobody likes to talk about race, and everybody finds it difficult.

This platform is a jumping-off point for having this discussion,” Costner told AARP.

Costner has already been named an AARP Movies For Grownups Career Achievement Award Honoree.

The trick to continued success is to stay fresh.

“If you can stay interested in what you’re doing, it will keep you younger.

Being engaged in what you do will sustain you.” Costner has had a lifetime’s worth of achievements and more than four dozen credits in film and television.

But he hasn’t done it all.

“A lot of times you get a question like, ‘Hey, would you go to outer space if you had the chance?’ Maybe eight out of 10 people would say, ‘I’d get on that rocket in a second.’ You ask me? No.

I’m staying here.

I like it on Earth.

I want to have as much time on this Earth as I can.” he said.

“There’s a certain joy that comes with a struggle.

I think most people want the endgame.

I’ve always liked the journey,” he told AARP In spite of his past success, Kevin Costner’s latest film, Black or White, sat for years in development before studios finally refused to finance it.

 Costner decided to cough up half of the production costs.

The generous actor was making good on a promise he made to his friend Mike Biner, the writer director of Black or White.

“Kevin doesn’t follow the crowd.

And he’s a genuine guy.

Whenever someone might think, ‘Oh, he’s just a big movie star, and this is just a business thing,’ he does something that says, ‘Hey, I’m your buddy,” Binder said about Costner.

In the cover story interview with AARP The Magazine, Costner opened up about his life as a family man, and the determination that drives him to overcome obstacles.

“I get on the floor with my kids and play harder.

I’d love to live forever.

That’s how much I love life.”    

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