Keone Madrid, The Guy Behind BTS’ ‘Not Today’ Slick Choreography?

Keone Madrid

Keone Madrid, The Guy Behind BTS' 'Not Today' Slick Choreography?

On Monday, Feb. 20, BTS released their music video for “Not Today” and it featured rigorous and intense dance steps. This is all thanks to choreographer Keone Madrid. Looking at the dance steps for the MV of BTS’ “Not Today” it’s impossible not to be impressed as it was perfectly executed and featured pretty slick moves that was obviously well choreographed and practiced. This is all thanks to Keone Madrid. The California-based choreographer Keone Madrid started dancing when he was 15, reports Koreaboo . Keone Madrid was the guy behind the choreography of Justin Bieber’s music video for the song “Love Yourself.”

However, this is not Keone Madrid’s first time choreographing for BTS. He revealed on his Twitter account that he previously helped choreographed the MVs “DOPE”, “Blood Sweat & Tears”, and “Fire”. “I’ll create it with my dancers, get it on film, and then send it over to production for them to learn it. It’s not easy learning through video, especially this one specifically being difficult,” said Keone Madrid. Keone also added that he was very impressed with how well BTS got the choreography and that he is thankful for the opportunity. Keone Madrid has also choreographed for Taeyang of the boy group BIGBANG. He also did the choreography for “Digital Bounce” and “Better Together” by Se7en. Keone’s wife, Mariel, is also a choreographer and once worked with the now disbanded 2NE1. Meanwhile, BTS’ “Not Today” MV released on Monday, Feb. 20 was record breaking. The music video garnered 1.6 million views in just 5 hours, as previously reported . “Not Today” is included in the album extension of the album “Wings” titled “You Never Walk Alone” that was released on Feb .13. BTS’ “You Never Walk Alone” also includes the tracks “Outro: Wings”, “A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone”, and the song “Spring Day” that raked more than 30 million YouTube views as of this writing. Meanwhile, check out BTS’ “Not Today” MV choreographed by Keone Madrid down below.  Stay tuned here at KpopStarz for the latest Kpop news!  

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