Kendra Wilkinson And Hank Baskett: Is The Former Playboy Playmate Sleeping Together With Her Ex Hank Baskett Again? Find Out All The Details!

Quiet shocking! The ‘Kendra On Top’ star, Kendra Wilkinson revealed in a new interview that she and Hank have been intimate with each other.

Does this imply that they are getting along better now? Here are all the details!

By the looks of it, Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett finally seem to be putting Hank’s alleged affair with a transsexual, Ava Sabrina London behind them.

Kendra who admitted on a November 7 interview with Access Hollywood that she and Hank have not been sleeping together is now conflicting her own statement.

Hank And Kendra – They’re Sleeping Together Again Despite Hank’s Alleged Relationship With A Transsexual Woman When asked if she and Hank have been intimate since June, Kendra told Us Weekly, “Yes.

I don’t want to say more, but…

Yes.” Interestingly, the pair haven’t been intimate two weeks ago.

Apparently, something must have changed for the better.

Hank Baskett Proposes To Kedra Wilkinson In Season Finale Recap Of ‘Kendra On Top’ Although Kendra didn’t reveal much details but we are still happy to know that they’re moving in a positive direction.

Earlier, had reported that Hank had suicidal thoughts after his alleged affair.

“For the past two years, I’ve gone through a serious struggle with depression, and during that time I lost the ability to open up to my best friend, Kendra,” Hank told Us Weekly.

“I had trouble thinking of the right thing to say the right way, especially in a situation like this, where it’s your word against someone else’s.

One wrong word and I could lose everything.” We’re glad that the former wide receiver who played in the National Football League for the Minnesota Vikings, Philadelphia Eagles and Indianapolis Colts and Kendra Wilkinson are continuing on a road to happiness after Hank found the strength to finally open up.

Are you happy Kendra and Hank are working things out? Let us know!

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